Petr Lovigin

artist’s blog:

Born in 1981 in Yaroslavl (Russia)
1998-2004 — studies at the faculty of architecture
2006 — takes up photography
2007-2009 — works with the Russian writer Yevgeny Grishkovets for whom he illustrates a play and directs several music videos for his songs.
2008 — is invited for the first time by Olga Sviblova to participate in the Moscow Biennale
2009 — releases his first book «Costarica-soul», in the same year he is represented in Europe by the CLAIR gallery (Munich). In the winter of 2009/2012 takes several long journeys, exploring South-East Asia, South and Central America and the Caucasus.
In 2012, with the publisher Kehrer releases his first European book Planet Lovigin, followed by a new Russian-language edition of «Indian summer» of his trips to India.

Main Exhibitions

2006 — Costarica-soul (Ars-Forum, Yaroslavl, Russia)
2007 — Costarica-Jamaica (Fotodepartament, St-Petersbourg)
2007 — Takeshi Kitano and other icons (Nabokov Museum, St-Petersbourg)
2008 — Takeshi Kitano and other icons (Moscow Photobiennale)
2009 — On the road (Passage de Retz Paris, Ashdod Museum Israel)
2009 — Fall in love (MMOMA, Moscow)
2009 — Takeshi Kitano and other icons (CLAIR Munich)
2009 — Wolf the Emerald Heart (Gallery Meglinskaya, Moscow)
2010 — Time within us (Museum of Thessaloniki, Gallery-na-Solyanke, Istanbul Modern Art Museum)
2011 — ArtParis (Grand Palais Paris)
2012 — ArtParis (Grand Palais Paris)
2012 — Planet Lovigin (CLAIR Munich)
2012 — Babie leto (Gallery Meglinskaya, Moscow)
2012 — Planet Lovigin (Russian Culture Centre, Rome, Italia)
2013 — Winter trip through a dozen of Latin America's countries (MMMA, Moscow)
2013 — My Louis (MMMA, Moscow)
2013 — ArtParis (GrandPalais Paris)